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Made in the usa

As someone who has had her own product manufactured solely in the United States, I am distinctly aware of how difficult it is to find products that are truly “Made in the USA”. Sometimes products will have the stamp of “Made in the USA” on them, while they are actually manufactured (mostly) in China.

A new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rule will penalize companies making false or misleading claims about where their products are manufactured.

While many are warning of shortages, shipping disturbances and pricier products this Christmas season, it pays to plan ahead for your holiday gift-giving so I’ve decided to launch a series of posts aimed at helping consumers find companies based in the United States that actually sell products manufactured in the United States.

The first company I have chosen to highlight is Fat Brain Toys. A company based out of Nebraska, they began development of their own original line of educational toys. They even have a designated place for American made toys.

I have purchased some of their products and have to say their service and quality of product is exceptional.

Fat Brain Toys Wooden Personalized Name Puzzle – Flat Rate up to 9 Letters

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