My Prototype is Here!

I received my first professionally-made prototype today. It was kind of a let down. Let me rephrase that… a complete disappointment. I was hoping it would be perfect and just how I imagined, but honestly, my handmade prototypes look better than this one. For one thing, I chose the wrong fabric (again!). The one I chose is just too flimsy and it doesn’t appear to be super absorbent. It’s soft, which I like, but it’s not what I need. The stitching of one particular part is not as curved as I would like it. I am resisting the urge to just keep going with production in the interest of time, but I know that is not a good idea. The entire experience of creating a prototype is a back-and-forth process and I am just in the thick of things. But I do wish that this process moved faster and involved less waiting.

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty discouraged tonight. I’ve considered giving up.