Inspiration and Mentors

My first step was to begin researching fabric for my creation. I began Googling waterproof fabrics, when what I really needed was absorbent fabrics. I ordered a yard of the fabric I had found, and eagerly waited for its arrival.
In the meantime I began reading a book by Gary Bronga, Bringing a Product to Market From Your Home. He offers some great tips in the book, and it is a quick read (for a review of this book you can visit my author site book review page). Mr. Bronga is a wonderful, very approachable person who is willing to help and generous with his advice. He was extremely nice to take the time to answer some questions that I had.
I also talked to a friend of my dad’s, a semi-retired entrepreneur who acts as a part-time CFO for many different start-up companies. He has also served as a mentor and faculty advisor at the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Stanford Business School. I figured with credentials like that, I couldn’t go wrong!
Finally, I talked to a friend whose success I want to emulate. Roberta has a very successful pet bed business – all of her own creation! You may have heard of Snappy Snoozers┬« pet beds. Roberta was my inspiration to actually begin the whole process of creating my own product.
This might sound crazy, but I didn’t want to waste too much time researching the subject, I just wanted to get going. I’m a big learn-as-you-go type person, and I like to always be working towards a goal. It’s like if I’m not working on something new constantly, I feel stagnant…

Want to see how it turned out?